Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

I have successfully litigated numerous cases throughout the New York City metropolitan area, including commercial transactions, contract claims, fraudulent conveyance, business disputes, collections, personal injury, etc. 

Commercial Transaction

I am available to assist you with contract negotiations, leasing, business transactions and litigation.


I can help you collect your debts – big or small.  Whether you are a professional, a seller at retail or wholesale, a service provider or a lender, my office is equipped to deal with debtors in a firm but professional manner and strictly in compliance with all consumer protection laws.  My primary objective is to get you results. 

Most recently I successfully litigated a case in which my client, a local wholesale distributer, was awarded a judgment in excess of $450,000.00 for goods sold.

Real Estate

I have successfully closed dozens of real estate deals, including the purchase and sale of residential buildings, commercial units, private homes, co-ops and condominiums.

Corporations / LLC / Partnerships

I help clients to form, transfer, sell and dissolve businesses and corporate entities.  I also assist business clients in a wide array of contractual matters, including commercial leases, sales contracts, negotiations, collections, etc.
I have successfully litigated highly contentious partnership and corporate dissolution disputes in New York State Supreme Court as well as in arbitration.  Experience counts, as these matters often present numerous procedural and substantive hurdles. 

Personal Injury

I have successfully represented numerous victims of motor vehicle accidents, physical assaults, slip & fall and defamation.  I spend as much time as needed speaking to the client to clarify what happened and the nature and extent of their injuries.  My first priority is to help the victim recuperate and rehabilitate.  I then take on the burden of pursuing a recovery that fairly compensates the victim for his or her financial losses, pain and suffering.

Some of my more recent case results include:

$240,000+ settlement for pedestrian struck by taxi
$300,000+ verdict for pedestrian clipped by bus
$500,000+ jury verdict for unlawful eviction
$500,000+ verdict for defamation
$270,000+ settlement for legal malpractice
$225.000+ settlement for pedestrian struck by vehicle
$100,000+ settlement for bicycle injury

Please keep in mind that certain actions are subject to short filing deadlines (e.g., actions against the City of New York, M.T.A., and other government entities) and all matters in New York State are subject to the statute of limitations.  Therefore, it is crucial that you schedule an appointment as soon as possible so that your rights are protected.